Our mission

Our mission

We created Duizend1 with the aim of helping people forced to flee their countries to rebuild their lives in The Netherlands through offering employment.

Many refugees still have a proactive attitude upon arrival and wish to feel at home as quickly as possible. Endless waiting and getting stuck in immigration procedures often leads to passivity and hopelessness. Activation through work expands horizons, increases employment opportunities and enlarges networks.

We offer refugees and employers professional support and guidance in order to create successful matches. We have an extensive network of refugees and an in-depth knowledge of their talents and motivations and we introduce them to business owners in the region.

Duizend1 is a Social Enterprise, which prioritises our social impact. Our profits feed back into our business to support our mission.

Duizend1 - Employment agency for refugees
Duizend 1 - Uitzendbureau voor nieuwe Nederlanders