Duizend1 feels privileged to work with entrepreneurs and business owners that wish to offer refugees the chance to rebuild their lives. Working with other cultures can offer enrichment through fresh perspectives and other frames of reference.

What can Duizend1 offer you?

  • flexible, motivated and grateful personnel;
  • highly attractive rates;
  • a payroll service to cover the entire administrative process;
  • diversity within your organisation;
  • socially responsible entrepreneurship;
  • considerable savings on recruitment costs;
  • professional advice.

As entrepreneur, are you able to offer the following?

  • simple work;
  • work that gives satisfaction;
  • a pleasant work environment in which to acclimatise to the Dutch work ethos;
  • work that supports contact with colleagues.

Feel free to contact us for a meeting. We are passionate about connecting you with our greatest talents.

Currently we are looking for work for:

technical personnel,
hospitality workers,
gardening and landscaping workers,
construction employees,

Duizend 1 - Uitzendbureau voor nieuwe Nederlanders