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About us

Duizend1 | Madelon van Kooten-Mandersloot
Duizend1 - Madelon van Kooten-Mandersloot

Madelon van Kooten-Mandersloot

Shortly after the arrival in 2015 of hundreds of refugees in De Koepel in Haarlem, I went and offered my help; first in Haarlem and later in Bloemendaal at the Dennenheuvel residential location. I noticed that the refugees were bored. The standard procedure of first learning the language before going to work often made them feel hopeless. Many refugees want to be an active part of society and build up their lives, but the process is often laborious and not transparent and companies are reluctant to take risks. Through my extensive experience in career guidance, coaching and organisational consultancy, I saw a great opportunity to contribute to this situation.

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In 2002, I started my own career guidance and coaching bureau, Morgenster, in Amsterdam and since then also in Vogelenzang and Haarlem. Before that, I did extensive research and consultancy work around organisational cultures and effective leadership.

My educational background is a Doctoral study in Culture, Organisation and Management at the VU (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam) , preceded by HBO Human Resource Management. During my career I gradually progressed from advising organisations to individual consultancy and support.

I still delight in offering career guidance and am also very enthusiastic to do something else; something that places me right in the heart of our society and through which I can offer a clear and positive contribution. My activities in De Koepel and Dennenheuvel have honed my affinity with issues around integration.

To me, it is important that refugees are received and hosted with care, that they feel accepted and are able to integrate positively into their new environment. My dream is that people are interested in each other’s habits and customs and can enjoy each other’s differences. I love this saying: “The more diversity, the more true there is.” Through Duizend1 I aim to contribute to this.

Mark Doorn

As caretaker at Landgoed Dennenheuvel, I live and work with refugees and am confronted daily with their trials of having to rebuild a life in a new country, in a culture that is totally different to theirs and in an entirely new language. While waiting for legal approval for family members to join them, the regufees process their (war) traumas and try to make themselves at home.

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I have spent my professional life in the arenas of politics and arts and culture. As cultural entrepreneur, I have, over the years, offered and created countless work opportunities for musicians, through my functions as concert organiser, project manager and impresario. In 2009, I created DaPonte, through which I offered professional services in the cultural sector.

In my political life I have been active in party boards, commissions and election campaigns, as advisor on nationwide and local level and as councilor for Central Amsterdam.

I have always valued social responsibility and service.

In 2016 I came to live and work at the residential refugee project on Landgoed Dennenheuvel in Bloemendaal. Through this experience, the idea naturally emerged to set up an employment agency dedicated to people who actively want to build up their new life here.